Hamedya City-P179

Al Hamidiyah City is Located in the Emirate of Ajman on the Emirates Road and (the sea side of Ajman City ) (on the direction of Sharjah - Dubai - Abu Dhabi) on the total area of 5 million square feet, making it a sanctuary away from the traffic of cities with easy and fast access to Ajman, Sharjah or Dubai.

The city of Hamidiyah is a special place to live in. There are all the requirements for comfortable accommodation from public parks in several places of the city and a large shopping center with private parking and two mosques.

Features of Hamidiyah City:

Easy access to and from the city of Hamidiyah across the Emirates Road and across three streets surrounding the other parts of the city.

(45%) of the total area allocated to the city, while (55%) of the total area are green areas, water bodies, roads and pedestrian walkways.

The city includes:

• (More than 100 towers) ranging between (10 - 45) floors with a special position for each apartment with a total area of 46 million square feet.

• Large shopping center with private parking.

• Two small mosques.

• Services buildings (medical center, bank branches, fire station, etc.).