Yarmouk Private University

Yarmouk Private University (YPU) was established in 2005 to be one of the top universities in the nation and to serve as a pillar of higher education in our beloved country, Syria. It was officially licensed by presidential decree no. 262 in 2007. Having ensured its possession of the various aspects of accreditation, it was inaugurated by the Minister of Higher Education on 29/10/2008.  


1. Faculty of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering 

Civil and  Environmental Engineering Architectural Engineering.  

2. Faculty of Informatics and Communications Engineering:

Software Engineering

Information and Communications Engineering

Computer and Digital Systems Engineering

Information Systems Engineering  

3. Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences:

Finance and Banking


Accounting and Business Law  

Location: YPU is located on the international Highway connecting Damascus to Dara’a, 45 kms away from Damascus. It lies amidst four counties, Damascus, Dar’a, Al-Suweida, and Al-Quneitera. For more information please visit our website: http://www.ypu.edu.sy